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Valuplex employees and from the existing network have access to various databases with real exploitation results. In addition, market participants and publicly accessible portals are used to determine values. In many cases, there is also a very good partnership with many well-known manufacturers, especially in the core industries.

Thanks to the existing network, a sufficiently high number of specialist personnel can be accessed for any type of project size. In addition, the processes are supported by the latest digital tools and the necessary personnel costs are kept as low as possible.

Yes, because the valuation is basically independent of possible follow-up orders and possible cooperation with others. However, from our point of view it is elementary for a market-driven valuation that Valuplex has access to exploitation results, databases and market participants. Without the experience gained from exploitations, no well-founded valuations can be developed.

Yes, because Valuplex remains the coordinating contact in such a case and chooses the appropriate digital platform for it and takes care of everything in the client’s interest.

Valuplex is able to perform and offer a valuation in every EU member country, England and Switzerland through its network. Simply contact us without obligation and we will provide you with an offer within 48h.

Yes, you are welcome to do so. We will give you feedback on your request immediately and free of charge. If we cannot help you directly, it is still possible to refer you to someone in our network.

Basically, the area of valuations can be described as “everything that can be found in companies and production plants”. In accounting terms, it is called the “fixed assets of a company”. In the context of a valuation, however, the so-called current assets, e.g. merchandise or manufactured products, can also be included if necessary. These are usually included and valued on the basis of existing inventory values.


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