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Asset-based financing

Verifiable, market-based valuations of machinery and technical equipment are increasingly necessary in traditional finance and asset-based finance, as these deals promises faster access to funding and are currently becoming more and more popular. Market-driven appraisals are almost existentially important to sale & lease back companies, as this form of financing is often in demand when dealing with restructuring and insolvencies. At Valuplex, we produce our appraisals based on the sales revenues generated on the a href="http://www.surplex.com">www.surplex.com platform, the market leader in the core European sectors for over 20 years with over 1.5 million visitors per month.

Fair/market value appraisal

There are a variety of reasons to prepare a fair or market value report. They may include a tax or balance sheet hedge through the well-founded assessment of machinery’s current fair value or market value. The issues of whether a machine will remain in place or be dismantled and moved elsewhere are also crucial. So there are a number of pertinent aspects when considering and selecting the correct value you wish to determine. Just contact us, and we will explain the diverse options and how we appraise assets based on historical proceeds.

Value development analyses

Valuplex enables leasing companies to underpin their own valuations with our appraisals and to prepare suitable value development analyses for the new machinery business. The EBA guidelines in the lending process – which must be implemented by 30 June 2024 at the latest – impose comprehensive requirements, among other things, for backtesting the valuation results of appraisers with the values actually realised on the market. Experts will only be able to fulfil this requirements if they demonstrably work with real market values. At Valuplex, we produce our appraisals on the basis of the sales revenues generated on the a href="http://www.surplex.com">www.surplex.com platform, the market leader in the core European sectors of metalworking, automotive, wood, construction and plastics for over 20 years with over 1.5 million visitors per month.

3D Tours

In addition to our accurate appraisals, we also offer our clients 3D mapping of their production and office space. These 3D tours can be extremely helpful – for instance when searching for investors or in succession planning – to offer international prospective clients an initial and virtual opportunity to inspect the premises without incurring significant costs or burdening the environment. Click on the following link to see how this excellent option can help in the presentation of your company LINK. We would gladly prepare a free and non-committal quotation for you. Simply fill out our contact form and send us a brief enquiry. We will get back to you!

Functional test

Performing a functional test of machinery on a specific reporting dace can make sense in the context of a company sale or asset deal. Here, we would take stock of the machines on site, while you present their good working order to us. We compile this information in a function test report in PDF format. In addition, we produce detailed photo and video documentation during the presentation. By doing so, you can demonstrate that the machinery was handed over in good working order corresponding to their age and in accordance with the contracts. We would gladly prepare a quotation for this service. This does not involve a machine appraisal, so the costs are usually lower than for a regular machine report.

What our Customers say

Antje Rückert

Managing Director NOBLEX E-Optics GmbH

Valuplex helped us helped us with the self-administration within a very short time with a well-founded value appraisal for the fixed assets. In addition, they were able to also helped us with the successful continuation of the company by marketing the machines and technical equipment that were no longer needed. The result exceeded our expectations and made a substantial contribution to the repositioning of the company."

Frank Milimonka

Lawyer/ Specialist lawyer for insolvency law USMR Legal

Time and money are usually very scarce resources in insolvency proceedings, so it is all the more important to have a (cost-)efficient partner at hand for inventory and valuation. I can always rely on Valuplex in this respect."

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