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For over 20 years, we have been providing industrial reports and support in asset liquidation with the aim of maximising returns.


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Thanks to our combined data collection and valuation process, we can prepare expert reports faster than standard industry practice.


With the specialised knowledge of our core industries, we can guarantee our professionally established values.


Within 48hrs you will receive a non-binding offer from us for the preparation of a professional fair market valuation

Revenues maximised

In e-commerce volume counts - with the industry's best-selling platform, we are able to market mobile assets on request - in 164 countries.


You choose - even a direct purchase is possible at any time and it guarantees an immediate profit.


We are the only service provider in this industry sector to organise complete dismantling, loading, transport and legally conforming customs clearance in addition to the standard services.


Business succession

In the context of business succession, it is useful to have a realistic valuation of the machinery. Not only in case of a possible failure of the search, but also to better compare acquisition offers with the existing values of the machinery and to put them in the right proportion.

M&A processes

Common valuation methods are based on key figures of the company. However, balance sheet values are not suitable for determining a real market value of the machinery. In this case, an expert opinion based on real market values and a detailed appraisal made by our experts can be helpful for a professional valuation.

Private equity

For a more accurate risk assessment, Valuplex provides support with its market-driven value assessments, especially for investments in the heavy machinery and production sector.

Insolvency Practitioners

With its expertise in the core of automotive, metal, wood, plastics, and construction industries, Valuplex can estimate market values better and faster than its competitors.

Restructuring consultants & advisors

Among other things, basic information about the economic and legal starting position of the company in its business environment, including the asset, financial and earnings situation, is required within the framework of restructuring expert opinions in accordance with German legislation IDW S6. Valuplex provides support for these requirements with its market-driven and prompt valuations.

Banks & leasing companies

For new credit lines or for review of securitisation, banks can draw on experts' reports. Leasing companies trust solid market assessments and analyses. Not only in the context of valuations, but also when it comes to monetisation of fixed assets.


Christoph Partzsch

Head of Valuplex

Anna-Lena Köffers-Gooßens

Project management and coordination

Team Headquarter:

Kai Prager

Kai Prager

Head of Evaluation

Tobias Schoppe

Key Account Manager

Henning Meyer

Project Manager

Dennis Kottmann

Head of Marketing

Christian Seidel

Evaluator / Project Manager

Siegfried Bernatzki


Michael Sackmann


Silke Lonski

Assistant evaluation

Dominic Mierlita


Tom Voß

Key Account Manager

International Team:

Eduard Krause

Country Manager Spain

MIguel Carrascosa

Miguel Carrascosa

Country Manager Spain

Guido Franchini

Country Manager Italy

Maxence Dutat

Country Manager Hungary

Alfred Allemand

Country Manager Switzerland


  • Fast and well-founded determination of the liquidation and continuation values within the scope of provisional insolvency proceedings or ESUG proceedings, including allocation & designation of third-party rights.

  • E.g., for a valuation basis for a sale & lease back solution that is recognised and proposed by leasing companies. 

  • E.g., for a basis recognised by the tax office for the purpose of internal settlement in the context of a transfer or sale.

  • Business succession or transfers within the framework of an asset deal.

  • For leasing companies as a basis for offer calculations in new customer business.

  • In cooperation with Surplex GmbH, a purchase value can also be determined upon request.

* in cooperation with Surplex

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FAQs / Frequently asked questions:

Valuplex employees and those from the existing network have access to various databases with real exploitation results. In addition, market participants and publicly accessible portals are used to determine values. In many cases, there is also a very good partnership with many well-known manufacturers, especially in the core industries.

The existing network allows access to a sufficiently large number of qualified personnel for every type of project. In addition, the processes are supported by the latest digital aids and the necessary personnel expenditure is kept as low as possible.

Yes, because the valuation is basically independent of possible follow-up orders and possible cooperation with others. In our view, however, it is fundamental for a market-driven valuation that Valuplex has access to exploitation results, databases, and its market participants. Without the experience gained from exploitation, it is not possible to produce well-founded valuations.

Yes, because in such a case Valuplex remains the coordinating contact, chooses the appropriate digital platform and takes care of everything in the client’s interest.

Through its network, Valuplex is able to carry out and offer an assessment in every EU member state, England, and Switzerland. Simply contact us without obligation and we will provide you with an offer within 48 hours.

Yes, you are welcome to do so. We will give you immediate and free feedback on your request. If we cannot help you directly, it is still possible to refer you to someone in our network.

Basically, the range of valuations can be described as “everything that can be found in companies and production plants”. In accounting terms, it is called the “fixed assets of a company”. Within the scope of a valuation, however, the so-called current assets, e.g., merchandise or manufactured products, can also be included if required. These are usually included and valued based on existing inventory values.


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